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Do Kings And Vice Lords Get Along

The hidden secrets of the friendship between Italy and Qaddafi

The hidden secrets of the friendship between Italy and Qaddafi
Eric Jozsef

Italy had militarily supported Colonel Gaddafi against England and France in 1969. (AFP)

Revelations about the links between Libya and the Peninsula in the 1970s, or the role of France in the mysterious disappearance of a civilian aircraft over in Ustica 1980, when she tried to shoot down the plane of Colonel Gaddafi: "International Intrigue" J. Rosario Priore discusses the Italian years of lead in a book that opens many tracks on the frozen conflicts around the Mediterranean between powers of Europe
He was the magistrate of the bombing in 1981, by the Turk Ali Agca cons John Paul II. The magistrate, three years ago, the kidnapping and murder by the Red Brigades leader of the Christian Democrat Aldo Moro. Twenty years after "years of lead" that bloodied Italy Rosario Priore has decided to mention "the truths which he believed could never be said." In a book of interviews with journalist Giovanni Fasanella entitled "Intrigo Internazionale (International Intrigue, ed. Chiara Lettere), former Justice analysis under a broader wave of terrorism that has engulfed the peninsula from the bomb Piazza Fontana in Milan in 1969, which was sixteen dead and set in motion an escalation of police repression and violence by armed groups. Rosario Priore, the internal matrix of terrorism is undeniable. But it must be seen in an international context of Cold War but also of simmering conflicts around the Mediterranean and the Middle East between the forces of Western Europe. "We were at war without knowing" says Priore, "hegemony over the Mediterranean and control of energy sources have put us into collision with the Franco-British who did not support our special relationship with Libya . Clearly, behind the facade of unity against the Soviet menace, the countries of the West and Israel have engaged in armed confrontations in particular through the exploitation of terrorist groups which have also been infiltrated by the services of the Soviet bloc. To show the complexity of the international game, the judge said for example that in the seventies, Moscow saw a very dim view of evolution in one direction-Western philosophy of the Italian Communist Party Secretary Enrico Berlinguer and his agents have even attempted to assassinate him in 1973 while traveling in Bulgaria. It also shows that Italy, located at the crossroads of East-West relations but also North-South had entered into an agreement called the "Moro pact" with Palestinian groups so they can pass and switch weapons without be disturbed in the peninsula, in exchange for a commitment not to carry out attacks on Italian soil. The pact would be held until the death of Aldo Moro by the Red Brigades carried out according to the judge who would have also benefited, for the operation directed against Christian Democrat, logistical support and direct from the East German Stasi . Rosario Priore

opens so many tracks some of which may be supplemented and confirmed by the opening of archives from different countries. The fact remains that the book puts forward scenarios of concern, particularly as regards relations with Libya's Colonel Gaddafi. Italy had militarily supported the latter against England and France, up to provide tanks for a military parade in 1969 in Tripoli but also experts in the war in Chad. In response France had sought, according to Rosario Priore, in 1980, to kill Libyan leader's plane in the skies Italian touching by mistake over Ustica, a civilian plane with 81 people on board. Former Italian President Francesco Cosssiga recently stated that "the French were responsible for the tragedy of Ustica. His successor, current head of state Giorgio Napolitano has meanwhile spoken about it, "international intrigue".
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